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2022 Kids Interviews

I’m inspired by the legendary players from my hometown - Aqueel

Star players of the future from Singapore

Aqueel, participated Mitsubishi Electric’s Football Clinic held at Singapore’s Jalan Besar Stadium on October 15, started playing football with his father when he was around 6 years old.

His passion developed from watching football with his father, and Aqueel is now part of his school’s football team, playing in the goalkeeper position. His team practices teamwork through playing as a tight knit group during recess as well as in friendly matches against other CCAs (after school Co-Curricular Activity).

Aqueel’s dream is to play football professionally. He explains that he loves the adrenaline when he plays and is encouraged by the excitement from the fans.

He is inspired by local football icons such as Jumaat Jantan, Izzdin Shafiq, and Izwan Mahbud, and his dream is to play football professionally. Aqueel says he had a lot of fun in this football clinic, and he felt he was given the opportunity to improve on his fundamental skills.

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