Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia Ltda. contributes to the creation of a better society in partnership with its employees. We work for next generation’s development through education, culture, art and sports; carrying out activities based on the needs of the communities that surround us in the fields of Social Welfare and Environmental Conservation.

As our Philanthropic activity, we support foundations and educational entities for vulnerable children and teenagers. Furthermore we sponsor a soccer team in Bello, Antioquia and undertake tree planting events with our employees and their families.

Through such activities, we are making our small contribution to build a better society and bringing "Changes for the Better" in Colombia.

Social Welfare Working for Colombian youth

Since its establishment in 1969, Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia Ltda. has made donations to different types of valuable causes that affect the country. Currently, supporting various foundations and schools that contribute to healthy growth of children and teenagers in need is the main purpose of the company’s philanthropic activities in the perspective of responsibility toward Colombian society.

Our role in cooperating with these organizations is fruition through volunteering. Our employees assist school events such as making donation to grant scholarships and supplies, offering workshops about topics like origami (paper folding), oral hygiene and Japanese, hosting visits to our facilities, and celebrating special occasions like Children’s day.

Internship program is one of our favorite ones. It allows teens in the last grade of high school to visit the company and get to know the positions they think they would like to have in the future. It guides them as they make decision in their academic journey. We host teens from Mano Amiga School students, and so far we have had amazing results.

As huge part of the children that beneficiates from our efforts come from families with socioeconomic vulnerability and a high rate of absenteeism from their parents or guardians, organizations that propitiate physical, social, emotional and cognitive development for them are highly important. That is why we have also been working with Hogar Miguelín, Hogar Juan Pablo II and Prodein Bogotá to restitute the rights of more than 100 children. We believe that we can change society by giving the youth useful tools that will help expand their hope, self-confidence and opportunities.

photo: Working for Colombian youth 1
photo: Working for Colombian youth 2
photo: Working for Colombian youth 3

Culture and Arts, Sports Support for a soccer team

We support the Bello soccer team "Club Atlético Real" by providing their uniforms. As one of the most played and loved sports in Colombia, soccer is cherished in the company. It makes us feel proud to be one of their sponsors. We think that supporting sports is related to helping healthy growth of children and keeping them out of the streets where they could take a negative path.

Environmental Conservation Tree planting activity

Pursuing to be a leading green company, we have organized several tree planting events throughout the country. This activity includes a hike and an ecological talk, and it is perfect way to spend a day learning and having fun with employees and their families. Trees are the lungs of the world, and planting them counteracts negative things that human beings have been emitting to the environment.

In 2016 we had our first tree planting event, just in Bogotá city where 11 people participated and 13 trees were planted. Since then, we have had 91 more volunteers from two additional cities, Medellín and Cali, and 81 new trees have been planted. We are hoping to keep contributing to our country and extending this activity to other cities.

photo: Tree planting activity