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Fostering young peoples' talents is a core element of our CSR activities. Providing them with a stage to showcase their remarkable abilities can provide a significant step forward in their professional career as a musician or sportsman.
We are however, equally passionate about supporting the less advantaged, and regularly become involved in projects for the disabled or for those fighting poverty.

Social Welfare Support for the European Leukodystrophies Association

In recent years, the French Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. has supported the European Leukodystrophies Association, a European-wide organization which unites patients and their parents against genetic muscular dystrophy, a disease which gradually paralyzes vital functions.

The French Branch recently made a donation with other supporters such as the famous soccer player Zinedine Zidane, in December 2014. In the past, the French Branch has also donated their products for installation at the organization's facilities.

photo: Support for the European Leukodystrophies Association

Social Welfare Assisting People in Need


Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V. (French Branch) provides financial and material support to organisations that exist to improve the lives of those in need. This includes E.L.A., a European association which unites patients and their parents against genetic muscular dystrophy, a disease which gradually paralyses vital functions. Another organisation supported by the branch is 'Fondation pour l'Enfance' which is dedicated to providing child protection in France and other countries through specific training and activities, and whose president is Mrs. Giscard d' Estaing, wife of the former French president.

Environmental Conservation Promoting Biodiversity with Local Schoolchildren

The French Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. has supported environmental education at a local school in Nanterre by donating a photovoltaic system to power a watering system and by donating money for tools and equipment to maintain the school garden as part of World Environment Day on June 5. The French Branch celebrates the day, which was established by the United Nations Environment Programme in June 2013, as it fits Mitsubishi Electric's goal to promote biodiversity and support local environmental preservation in the areas where it operates.

photo: three little girls digging a hole for planting

Culture and Arts, Sports Supporting the Development of Young Musicians

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V.'s French Branch believes that young people with the ability to enhance our lives through music deserve encouragement, support and the opportunity to fulfil their dreams of having musical careers. Based on this belief, the Nanterre based branch has formed a unique association with INTRADA, an independent production label whose main objective is to discover young talented musicians and give a boost to their careers. For its part, the branch pledges to sponsor the production of one CD per year by a selected artist, and organise a prestigious concert to bring together those who appreciate great music and these talented young individuals.

photo: a woman playing the grand piano