Factory Automation

FA's Contribution to the history of Mitsubishi ElectricFA innovations, firsts and vision

FA: Consistently Innovating

At Mitsubishi Electric innovations are not random chance but are evidence of our culture of Kaizen. As a result we are regularly one of the top five companies globally for filing international patent applications, many of which go on to become products in their own right. FA has been a strong contributor to such technical innovations; here are just a few examples:


Industry pioneer:

release of AI enabled iQ Edgecross Real Time Data Analyser software and the MELIPC industrial PC series


Industry pioneer:

launch of the e-F@ctory FA-IT integrated approach to manufacturing


Performance leader:

highly responsive MELSERVO-J2-Super series AC servo improved productivity of industrial machines


Japan's first:

development of the ultra-compact inverter, FREQROL-Z024 series


Company first:

launch of the Movemaster high performance micro robot for education and industry


Best seller:

release of the MELSEC-A series all-purpose PLC for FA applications


Company first:

launch of the MELSEC-310, Mitsubishi Electric's first PLC to replace the relay control panel


Company first:

the company's first fully manufactured EDM system, the DIAX


Industry first:

Japan's first fuseless 15-35A circuit breaker