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e-learning courses (Myanmar)

A collection of frequently used FA terms and example sentences! FA field glossary

Choose from download edition or pdf.
See "Using the download edition data" at the bottom of this page for methods of expanding the data in the download edition.

Using the download edition data


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Industrial Network
Industrial Robots
Power Distribution Control Products

Using the download edition data

[How to expand the downloaded file]
Download the file to a folder of your choice.
When you decompress the downloaded file, a folder will be created.

Decompression method 1) When using an OS that features a ZIP-compatible decompression tool (Windows Vista / 7 / 8 )
Right click on the downloaded file.
Select "Expand All".
Specify the expansion destination, and click on the "Expand" button to decompress the file.
If "Expand All" is not displayed, use decompression method 2) below.

Decompression method 2) When using an OS which does not feature a ZIP-compatible decompression tool
If your OS does not feature a ZIP-compatible decompression tool, please obtain a decompression tool separately.
Use the decompression tool to decompress the file.
Decompress the file to a directory.
* The user accepts full responsibility for the use of a decompression tool.

[How to start]
Double click on "exe file" in the folder that has been created, and a menu screen will appear. Select the desired model from the menu screen.