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About Us


Global Service Network

Mitsubishi Electric's FA systems support manufacturing operations around the world. Helping these systems succeed is our service menu that includes consulting, repairs, sales, service and support, training and showrooms.
We provide services to customers through close coordination between our local sales companies, branches and retail stores, as well as the key operational stations we call our FA Centers. Should a product become damaged or broken, our service network can help with local repair or in procuring a new product.

  • Consulting

    Our Japanese and/or local staff offer technical advice and can also propose the best products and systems for our customers specific application needs.

  • Showrooms

    The latest automation technology can be seen at Mitsubishi Electric‘s showrooms including; PLCs, HMIs, inverters, servo systems as well as industrial automation machinery such as electrical discharge machines, laser machines, CNCs and industrial robots.

  • Training

    From basic operations to applied programming, our training schools offer regular courses that use actual machines. We also offer customized training programs and on-site training sessions.

  • Technical Support

    Our FA Centers and service shops work together to provide repairs, on-site engineering support and spare parts.

  • Repair

    Local FA Centers handle repairs of our FA products. Our FA Center Satellites and service shops also provide after-sales support.

Our local sales companies, branches and retail stores work fast to answer customer requests.
Please click here for information regarding our locations.