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Processing Machines

Laser Processing Machines

Laser Processing Machines Mitsubishi Electric provides a wide range of laser processing machines from world-class high-power lasers to viable alternatives to traditional punch presses. Our technical capabilities, which have allowed us to design and manufacture resonators and control units in addition to cutting machines, have realized a vast line-up of 2D and 3D laser processing machines that offer the ultimate in speed, accuracy and flexibility. An innovative line-up of diverse, high-speed, high precision laser processing machines, from laser cutting to welding and microvia drilling machines, offering flexible production solutions.

  • 2D Laser Processing Machines
  • 3D Laser Processing Machines
  • Large Size Laser Processing Machines

Electrical Discharge Machines

Electrical-discharge Machines : Complicated shapes can easily be manufactured by both first timer and long time users.  Mitsubishi Electric die-sinking EDMs and Wire-cut EDMs enhance productivity with high-speed and high-accuracy machining.  Besides mold making, it is also recognized as a great tool in manufacturing high reliable parts used in aircraft and IT industries. It is an essential machining method for mold making.
Also has been widely used in parts manufacturing industries which handles difficult-cutting materials.

  • Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machines
  • Die-sinking Electrical Discharge Machines
  • Fine-hole Drilling EDMs
  • Option , Automation
  • CAD/CAM , S/W