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MELSEC iQ-R Series

Advanced information modules

e-F@ctory is a solution from Mitsubishi Electric helping to optimize production systems through its direct connectivity between an IT system and the shop floor reducing cost over the entire product life cycle. Production data management, analysis and planning utilizing IoT* can be realized, improving productivity through preventive maintenance, operations management, traceability, and energy management. The MELSEC iQ-R Series includes a range of products that fulfill these various needs as part of the "Intelligence" lineup of interconnected e-F@ctory advanced information products.

* Internet of Things

  • Direct access to IT system database
  • C/C++ based programming
  • Installation of various communications protocols
  • High-speed collection of shop floor data in real-time
  • Utilize third-party partner applications


Direct access to IT system database

Realize improved production management and reduce overall system costs through real-time direct access to IT system database servers without requiring additional programming and gateway computers.

System-wide recording and simplified analysis

Reduces downtime through its extensive system-wide data recording and simplified analysis at an error.

C/C++ based programming

Provides a robust and cost-efficient alternative from computer-based analytical and testing systems, enabling custom applications to be executed directly on the control system. In addition, various communications protocols can be installed directly.