Factory Automation



Create new value with MELSERVO-J5.

Focused on improving total performance.
The MELSERVO-J5 series servo system boasts industry-leading level basic performance.
The high-speed, high-precision capabilities of MELSERVO-J5 help to increase the productivity of your machines.

Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page.
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Product List

Servo Amplifier

Compatible with CC-Link IE TSN, SSCNET III/H, and general-purpose interface.
Servo amplifiers (200 V/400 V class) and drive units are available.

Rotary Servo Motor
Rotary Servo Motor

Equipped with a 26-bit batteryless absolute position encoder. The cables for the encoder, the electromagnetic brakes, and the power are equipped with one-touch lock.

Linear Servo Motor
Linear Servo Motor

6 motor series (LM-H3/LM-AJ/LM-F/LM-K2/LM-U2/LM-AU) are available for a variety of applications.

Direct Drive Motor
Direct Drive Motor

Best matching for the application which requires low speed and high torque. 4 different frames and 18 motors are available.


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