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FA Application Package iQ Monozukuri ANDON


iQ Monozukuri ANDON solves issues at the production site!

Easily install the ANDON system!
Make the information of various
equipment visible.
If you have equipment that can be connected to GOT2000, an ANDON system can be configured easily.
Minimize the cost of configuring
the ANDON system.
iQ Monozukuri ANDON achieves
visualization at low cost.
iQ Monozukuri ANDON
Easily create and customize screens!
Creating screens is troublesome.
It is time consuming to do so from
Ready-to-use template screens of the ANDON system are included in the package.
The color and layout of display information can be changed easily.
iQ Monozukuri ANDON
Easily operate at the production site!
Display the ANDON screen that
matches the production plan.
Using Contents Publisher enables you to easily set and display production plans and signage screens (bulletin board and others) even without technical knowledge of ANDON.
Visualize the production plan and actual
volume in real time.
Progress charts are used to visualize the production plan and actual volume, and this can catch problems at an early stage.
Visualize production from a remote location!
Check the production status easily
without being at the site.
The production status and error handling methods can be displayed on a tablet.
The production status and error handling methods can be displayed on a tablet.
Monitor multiple devices with ANDON DB (database)
Monitor the production status of multiple devices collectively.
The production information of multiple lines is collected in real-time in ANDON DB (database), and displayed on the ANDON monitor by transferring the data via GOT.