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GOT2000 Series

Interactive Features with Other Industrial Devices

Support CNC maintenance

Interaction function with CNCs

Having problems?
Having problems?

“NC alarm” occurred on a GOT!
How can I maintain the system quickly?

GOT will solve your problems!
GOT will solve your problems!

Use a GOT to monitor or check alarms of a CNC. When an NC alarm occurs, there's no need to use a personal computer when modifying programs and you can quickly recover the system.

Function features

A GOT can be used to display various monitors and make settings of a CNC connected to the GOT.

  • * CNC monitor/CNC machining program edit/CNC data I/O functions are supported by GOTs with a resolution of SVGA or higher.
  • * Not supported by GT25 wide models.

CNC monitor 2 function (CNC C80)

The function enables monitoring and operation of the standard screens (monitor, setup, edit, diagnosis, and maintenance) of the C80 Series CNC connected to the GOT. You can also use this function to input/output data or edit machining program of the CNC C80.

CNC monitor function (CNC C70)

The function enables the alarm diagnosis, position display monitor, tool compensation/parameter setting, or program monitor of a CNC C70 connected to the GOT.

CNC machining program edit function (CNC C70)

Machining programs and MDI programs of a CNC C70 connected with the GOT can be edited.

CNC data I/O function (CNC C70)

Machining programs and parameters can be copied, compared, or deleted in a CNC C70 connected with the GOT.

CNC data I/O function

Specification details and restrictions* For the necessary option devices, please refer to the “Function list”.

● Target models
CNC (C80, C70)
● Supported connection types
Ethernet connection (DISPLAY I/F connection only)*1, bus connection*2
  • *1 The CNC data I/O function cannot be used with CNC C70 when CC-Link IE Field Network Ethernet adapter module is used.
  • *2 Supported by CNC C70 only.
● Target data
CNC monitor 2 function
The target data is the same as that of the CNC monitor function, the CNC machining program edit function, and the CNC data I/O function.
CNC monitor function
Alarm diagnosis, position display, tool compensation/parameter setting, program
CNC machining program edit function
Machining program, MDI program
CNC data I/O function
Machining program, parameter, tool offset data, workpiece offset data, common variable, maintenance data, cycle monitor data
Recommended industries
Supported GOT types * Excluding some models. For the details, refer to the function descriptions above.
Supported devices