Factory Automation

Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT GOT2000 Series

Advanced model with multi-touch gesture functions


A wide variety of specifications suit every system design

Communication interfaces such as Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/485, USB host/device and SD memory card are standard features. High capacity data processing ensure smooth screen operation even when multiple tasks, such as logging, script, alarm, or device data transfer, are running. In addition, image recording, image playback, video image input, and RGB output are available*, thus all the functions of GOT2000 can be used on GT27 models.

  • *Excluding GT2705
Item Specifications
Display 5.7"/8.4"/10.4"/12.1"/15", TFT color LCD, 65536 colors
Resolution XGA, SVGA, VGA
Backlight White LED
User memory Memory for storage (ROM)… 57 MB (GT2705 has 32 MB)
Memory for operation (RAM)… 256MB*1[NEW] (GT2705 has 80 MB)
Standard interface Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/485
USB host (USB-A)…2 channels*2(USB2.0(High-Speed 480Mbps))
USB device(USB Mini-B)…1 channel(USB2.0(High-Speed 480Mbps))
SD memory card interface
Extension interface CC-Link IE TSN, CC-Link IE Control, CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link, bus, MELSECNET/H
Side interface For installing a wireless LAN communication unit
  • *1If the function version is B or earlier, the memory for operation (RAM) is 128 MB.
  • *2White model has 1 channel.

With Backup/Restoration function, fear troubles no more!

The programs and parameters of the programmable controller CPU can be backed up to the SD memory card or USB memory device in the GOT. In case of a CPU failure, users can perform batch operation to restore the data to the controller.

With Backup/Restoration function

GT27 model external appearance [Standard model: front face/rear face]

Standard model: front face
Standard model: rear face
①Human sensor The unit automatically detects an operator approaching the unit and displays the screen.
  • *GT2715, GT2712 only
②USB interface:
device (USB Mini-B)
Connect to a personal computer and transfer data.
  • *Standard models: front face only
  • *White models: rear face only
③USB interface:
host (USB-A)*1
Transfer project data or read the data (logging data, etc.) to or from the GOT using the USB memory.
A USB mouse, keyboard, barcode reader*2, or RFID reader*2 can also be connected.
  • *1White models: rear face only
  • *2USB keyboard (HID) compatible model only
④Extension interface Communication and option units can be installed.
⑤Ethernet interface Use Ethernet to simultaneously connect up to four types of industrial devices from different manufacturers.
CC-Link IE Field Network Basic compatible devices can also be connected.
⑥RS-232 interface Connect to various industrial devices, barcode readers and serial printers.
⑦RS-422/485 interface Connect to various industrial devices and barcode readers.
⑧Side interface Install a wireless LAN communication unit.
⑨SD memory card interface Save large volumes of data, including alarms and logging data.

GT27 model external appearance [White model: front face]

White model: front face
①Human sensor The unit automatically detects an operator approaching the unit and displays the screen.
  • *GT2712 only
②Flat body The front flat screen is easy to clean. (USB interface is on the back.)
③White body The white model portrays a clean image.

White model features

GOT is acceptable for use in hazardous locations classified by various safety standards (Class I, Division 2 [the United States, Canada], ATEX [Europe], KCs [Korea]).

GT27 model product map

See details of GT27 model product map