Factory Automation


Air Circuit Breakers

To make a electrical equipment multifunctional by Mitsubishi air circuit breakers which suitable for the main circuit protective device.

The air circuit breakers have many advantages, that is, to realize the high reliability of switching performance, to extend the area of selective coordination due to expanding of the rated short-time withstand current, to be suitable for main circuit port.

  1. 1.Various line-up and high flexibility.
  2. 2.One-rank higher breaking performance.
  3. 3.Safety and reliability provided.

Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page.

Product List

Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) AE-SW

This kind of breaker is used as the main power breaker of the supply such as buildings, factories and ships etc. and satisfy the various needs.


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