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Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

ACB Appearance

  • Air circuit breaker is a circuit breaker for the purpose of protecting low voltage circuit, mainly for energizing and cutting off high current.
  • It is used as the master of a factory and building, and as a main circuit breaker of a ship, and it is possible to attach various accessories according to the purpose.
  • We also have a draw-out installation method with high maintainability.

Electronic Trip Relay (ETR)

  • Electronic Trip Relay trigger circuit outputs a trigger signal to energize the trip coil, when the CT detects the value exceeds the predetermined value.


Electronic Trip Relay


■General Use : WS

The WS relay is a general use protection relay of ACB, LTD, STD and Inst characteristics are adjustable.


■Protective Coordination Use : WF

The WF relay incorporates five kinds of LTD characteristics.
Protective coordination with upstream OCRs and/or Fuses can be more easily achieved.


■Special Use : WB

The WB relay is effective for the combination with the external OCR without severely decreasing the breaking capacity.
The characteristics are Inst/MCR only.

Accessories for Relay


■Ground Fault Protection (GFR)

The ground fault protection (GFR) of several hundred amperes is possible.


■Earth Leakage Protection (ER)

By combining the ETR with earth leakage protection (ER) and External ZCT, earth leakage protection is possible.

Appearance of display

■Display Module (DP1, DP2)

This is the display module and shows the various information like measured value, trip and alarm status, ETR status for display and output contacts setting etc...

Appearance of module

■Extension Module (EX1)

This is the extension module that provides various measuring function with combining Display module DP1/DP2 and VT unit.

WS Relay with Ampere Meter and Fault Memory (DP3)


■WS Relay with Ampere Meter and Fault Memory (DP3)

This relay displays current and harmonics for real time monitoring.
In addition, fault memory function makes it easier to find out the trip cause.





Connection image


  • The times of mechanical durability of ACB is significantly increased compared with MCCB.

Operating durability

Operating durability Model
Without rated current 25,000 times (AE630-SW~AE2000-SWA)
20,000 times (AE2000-SW~AE4000-SWA)
10,000 times (AE4000-SW~AE6300-SW 3P)
5,000 times (AE4000-SW~AE6300-SW 4P)
With rated current
5,000 times (AE630-SW~AE1600-SW)
1,500 times (AE2000-SWA~AE2500SW)
1,000 times (AE3200-SW, AE4000-SW~AE6300-SW)
500 times (AE4000-SWA)

Interface Unit

  • By adding various interface units, connection to the main network is available. *CC-Link, MODBUS, PROFIBUS-DP
  • It is possible to circuit breaker ON/OFF management by remote control and monitoring of various information.

Network Instance

Network instance