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Engineering Software


■ Software Download

How to download MELSELECT

  1. Click "melselect.zip" folder and select "MelselectSetup.msi".
  2. "Setup Wizard" window will open. Click "Next".
  3. "License Agreement" window will open. Select "I Agree" and click "Next".
  4. Select the folder where the file will be installed. And, click "Next".
  5. "Confirm Installation" window will open. Click "Next" to start installation.
  6. After installation, "MELSELECT" icon will appear on the desktop.
    *User Manual and Release Note are included in "melselect.zip" folder

If the older version of "MELSELECT" has been installed, you need to uninstall it in advance.
There is no influence on the created project.

Start-up of MELSELECT

  1. Click the "MELSELECT" icon on the desktop, or Start → Program(P) → MELSELECT