Factory Automation


Industrial Robot MELFA
Horizontal articulated robot

Horizontal type robot

Capable of a wide range of applications, from the assembly of small parts to heavy load handling and packing.

Capable of top class high speed high precision operation with dedicated motor and amplifier.It has applicability to diverse works by easy connectibity with Mitsubishi's PLCs and servo motors.

  1. 1.With a wealth of operating areas and variations, it is the perfect fit for a variety of applications.
  2. 2.Ideal for a wide range of fields, from high-volume production that demands fast operation, through to assembly work where high levels of precision are required.
  3. 3.Designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Product List

RH-FRH series
RH-FRH series

Linking with the MELSEC iQ-R series PLC enables more advanced work. This series also includes MELSEC Q series dedicated controller and standalone controller model.
Supports optional MELFA SmartPlus functional enhancement.

RH-CRH series
RH-CRH series

Excellent cost performance and a compact and lightweight design. Supports optional MELFA SmartPlus functional enhancement.


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