Factory Automation


Visualization software

Visualization that contributes to promote IoT and DX

Mitsubishi Electric's visualization & Data Acquisition software supports problem solving in production by visualizing data from a wide variety of equipment and facilities, from individual facilities to entire lines and factories.

Product List

SCADA software GENESIS64™

This cutting-edge software delivers real-time visualization, mobility, analytics, and connectivity to deliver a contextualized view of enterprise operations for manufacturing, industrial automation, and smart buildings customers.

HMI software (GOT)

The software expands the functions of GOT and visualizes the shop floor

System recorder related software

It is a corrective maintenance solution that ensures effective resumption of operations reducing downtime through its extensive system-wide data recording and simplified analysis software features.

e-F@ctory Starter Package

Sample projects for PLC and GOT that can realize analytical and diagnostic systems

NC Machine Tool Optimizer

This software analyzes and diagnoses the operation status collected from machine tools and peripheral equipments.


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