Factory Automation


FA Remote

Accelerating the shift to remote monozukuri and diversifying work styles in the manufacturing industry.
FA remote solutions provide this support.

Technological innovation is accelerating the diversification of work styles, and the manufacturing industry is no exception.
As it becomes the norm to address monitoring, maintenance, service, and development requirements anywhere, anytime, tangible benefits include less production downtime and reduced travel costs.
Mitsubishi Electric's FA remote solutions facilitate the diversification of work styles and contribute to improving the competitiveness of all companies involved in monozukuri.

Building a safer and more reassuring security environment

Promotion of multi-layer defense :

We recommend adopting multi-layer defense in your FA system to ensure efforts for security measures in accordance with Mitsubishi Electric's FA Security Guidelines be implemented at each layer (human layer, physical layer, network layer, device layer ), and achieve manufacturing at factories with a safe and reassuring security environment .