Factory Automation




Operation monitoring and predictive maintenance

  • Real-time data collection by network-connected FA devices
  • Processing and analysis of onsite data by using edge computing products
  • Cooperation with e-F@ctory alliance partners

Solutions to the Issues

Issues Solutions
Avoidance of slip effect during high-speed operation and stop High response and high precision by combining multiple encoders positioning implementation
Multi wheel drive control Multi-axis simultaneous operation with simple position command for one axis
Fast start-up Program simplification by using function blocks
Miniaturization of RGV/AGV Space saving by utilizing multi-axis amplifier

System Configuration


Avoidance of slip effect during high-speed operation and stopFully Closed Control

High response and high precision by combining motor side and load side encoder for positioning

In operation: servo motor side, In stop: Position control by switching to machine side encoder. High gain setting becomes possible. The settling time is shortened and the influence of the slip of the driving section is eliminated, enabling high-precision positioning control.

How to Configure Full Closed Control

By using Engineering tool MELSOFT GX Works3 fully closed control electronic gear setting for the servo parameter of axis 1.

[MELSOFT GX Works3 Fully Closed Control Setting Screen]

Multi wheel drive controlMaster/Slave operation

Multi-axis torque sharing operation with position command for one axis

Since the MR-J4-B can transmit the same torque data from the master axis to the slave axis through driver communication, multi-axis torque sharing operation is possible

Setting of master/slave operation

Set servo parameters corresponding to master and slave axes with engineering tool MELSOFT GX Works3.

[MELSOFT GX Works3 master/slave operation setting screen]

Fast start-upFunctfion Blocks

Program simplification by using function blocks (FB)

With the unit FB of MELSOFT GX Works3, motion control such as positioning control and advanced synchronization control can be programmed easily.

Programming with Function Blocks

With engineering tool MELSOFT GX Works3, you can create a program simply by dragging and dropping the necessary FB from the unit FB or registered FB provided on FA site to the editor screen.

[MELSOFT GX Works3 Program Creation Screen]

Miniaturization of RGV/AGVMulti-Axis integrated servo amplifier

Space saving realized by utilizing multi-axis amplifier (MR-J4W)

Space saving while maintaining servo amplifier performance

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