Factory Automation



Basic information


Model nameRH-20FRH10045M-D
OverviewHorizontal FR series 20kg type, Oil mist specifications, R1000mm, Z450ST, Standalone


Series Features

Enhancements to the wrist axis also mean that the robot has ample scope for handling multi-function grippers and offset grippers. Ideal for assembly and palletizing work.

MELFA Smart Plus Next-generation intelligence

Inserting a Smart Plus card, advanced features such as integration functions for the various sensors and autonomous startup adjustment functions are provided for all phases of customer’s operations, from design and startup through to operation and maintenance.

Standalone type

This robot type is connected a standalone controller similar to existing models. Enables the construction of cells using robot controllers as the control nucleus. Comes with various interfaces as standard, allowing customers to build a system optimized for their applications.

Improved safety through collaborative work applications

A comprehensive range of safety functions, including position and speed monitoring and monitoring of the X, Y and Z components, allow work to be conducted in collaboration with people.

Dedicated motors for high-speed operation

Using motors developed in-house, highly rigid arms and our original drive control technology, these machines are capable of high-torque output at high rotation speeds, giving better operating performance. Their capacity for continuous operation is also improved, with higher productivity due to the shorter cycle times.

Preventing cable interference

Internal wiring channels provided in the tip axis. Allows wiring and tubes to be routed internally up to the gripper mount. By routing the body cables internally, areas where body cables might interfere with peripheral equipment can be minimized and the problem of wiring and tube tangles can be eliminated.