Optical Fiber Communication Devices

Contributing to the realization of digital transformation (DX) by enabling high-speed/high-capacity optical fiber communication when equipped in large-scale data centers, optical fiber communications for homes (FTTH), mobile communication base transceiver stations (BTS) such as 5G, and various other communications equipment.


High-speed transmission, large capacity, miniaturization, and low power consumption of optical transceivers

Main Applications

Data centers, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), 5G base transceiver stations (BTS), and more


Tunable Laser-diode Chip for Optical Fiber Communication ML9CP61

  • Supports wide range of wavelengths for larger-capacity digital coherent communication with the OIF-400ZR-01.0 standard for 400Gbps optical transceivers
  • Chip implementation supports downsizing of optical transceivers

50Gbps DFB Laser for 5G Mobile Base Stations ML771AA74T

  • Supports 50Gbps high-speed, industry-leading wider operating temperature range (-40℃ to 90℃), large-capacity 5G communication in PAM4 format
  • Compliant with TO-56 CAN standard for compact optical transceiver packages

Wider-temperature-range CWDM 100Gbps (53Gbaud PAM4) EML Chip for Data Centers ML7CP70

  • High-speed (53Gbaud PAM4), wider-temperature operation (5 to 85℃) with unique hybrid waveguide structure (Fig.1,2)
  • Wide-temperature-range contributes to reduces power consumption and cost of optical transceivers for data centers
  • Fig.1:Wide-temperature-range 100 Gbps (53 Gbaud PAM4) EML chip structure
  • Fig.2:53 Gbaud PAM4 eye diagram (back to back, Vpp=1.0V)

Optical Devices (Over 10Gbps)

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