Optical Devices

High Speed, High Capacity, High Output Power, and Low Power Consumption Evolution of Information Networks that Expand the Future



    New Products / Industry-first light source for digital coherent communication with TO-56CAN package! DFB-CAN with built-in wavelength monitor
    R&D Will enable Data Centers to realize up to 800Gbps / 1.6Tbps 200Gbps (112Gbaud PAM4) EML Chip supporting four CWDM signals
    Update Catalogs / Optical Devices Catalog Updated!


    Optical Fiber Communication Devices

    High-speed/high-capacity optical fiber communication is possible by equipping this device in large-scale data centers, optical fiber communications for homes (FTTH), 5G base transceiver station (BTS), and various communications equipment.

    Laser Diodes for Projectors

    Multimode semiconductor laser diodes with vibrant red, highly visible wavelengths enable configuration of color projectors that do not require focus adjustment.