IPM V1 series

High-capacity IPM

IPM (Intelligent Power Module) is a high-performance module equipped with a dedicated drive circuit for drawing greater performance from an IGBT chip, and provides a custom IC for executing self-protection functions (short circuit, supply undervoltage, and over-temperature). In recent years, from the viewpoint of efficient energy use, inverters that vary power supply frequency according to load conditions are widely used to drive and control motors in general industrial equipment. IPMs with built-in drive and protection circuits are widely used in the output stage of inverters as power semiconductor modules that switch at high speed. The V1 series IPMs are available in current ratings up to 800 A, contributing to lower losses, larger capacity, and downsizing of inverter equipment.


  • An IGBT adopting a CSTBT™*1 configuration reduces power loss and contributes to lower power consumption of inverter equipment
  • Lineup includes models with maximum ratings of 800 A (600 V withstand voltage) and 450 A (1200 V withstand voltage), contributing to the increased capacity of inverter equipment.
  • A compact package contributing to downsizing of inverters
  • ※1:Mitsubishi Electric's unique IGBT that makes use of the carrier cumulative effect


  • Motion control
  • Renewable energy
  • Power supply, Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

Advantages of using IPM


V1 series
IC (A)ConnectionType nameDimensionPackage
70 × 120 mm
90 × 120 mm


Corresponding Products

IPM G1 series

Minimizes noise and achieves low loss through equipping a 7th generation IGBT and switching speed changeover function. This lineup includes more low-capacity zone models than the V1 series.

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