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Engineering Test



Client JAXA
Launch date December 18, 2006
Launch vehicle H-IIA
Launch site Tanegashima Space Center
Orbit Geostationary orbit
Mass 5,800 kg (at launch)
Electrical power 7,500 W
Design life 10 years (satellite bus)
3 years (mission craft)
Responsibilities Prime contractor
Outline The ETS-VIII's missions are to develop technologies, and test and verify them in space. The targeted technologies include mobile-satellite communications, mobile-satellite digital multimedia, and basic technologies for building satellite positioning systems, through large-scale geosynchronous satellite bus technologies for 3-ton class satellites -- the world's largest class in the early 2000s. The ETS-VIII also targets such large-scale deployable antenna technologies as 13 meter-class deployable antennas, and high-accuracy time standard systems and other positioning equipment.