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GOT2000 Series

GT2505-VTBD  Compact body, clear and bright display

5.7-inch TOP

Panel cut dimensions compatible with existing models

Easy to replace GT14 models because of the same panel cut dimensions.

Panel cut dimensions compatible
with existing models

Clear display with 4 times higher resolution

Higher resolution while keeping the screen size the same as GT14 models. 640×480 dots high resolution LCD displays clear characters.

Clear display with 4 times higher resolution

Recommended Functions

GOT Mobile function

01 GOT Mobile function GOT Mobile

Via GOT at the production site, connected devices can be monitored from multiple information devices (clients) such as computers and tablets in a remote location. You can check the production in a timely manner and take necessary actions immediately. Just display the production status on a large monitor, and you can easily implement an ANDON system.

  • * A separate license (GT25-WEBSKEY) is required.
  • * A browser (Google Chrome or Safari) is required on the client.
  • * Up to five clients can connect to one GOT at the same time.
  • * An access point is required separately because the wireless LAN communication unit cannot be used with GT2505.

For the details, please r efer to the GOT Smart Web-based Remote Solutions


02 Drive recorder GOT Drive

GOT can be used to display the screen equivalent to the drive recorder of MR Configurator2. Easily check the servo data (motor current, position command, etc.) on GOT without using a personal computer.

Drive recorder

03 System launcher/
System launcher (servo network) GOT Drive

A graphical configuration diagram of programmable controller and servo systems indicates module statuses.

System launcher/ System launcher (servo network)

04 Sequence program monitor (Ladder)/(iQ-R ladder)

When an error occurs, GOT can monitor and edit a sequence program in a controller in the ladder format, and also can change current values of devices. There is no need for a personal computer.

Sequence program monitor (Ladder)/(iQ-R ladder)

05 Operation log

GOT records all the operations performed by operators. Checking the recorded operation history helps you to identify and analyze the cause of the error occurred due to improper operations, leading to making improvements, preventing reoccurrence, and enhancing traceability.

Operation log

GT2505 system configuration

system configuration
  • * Can be converted to RS-485 by using GT14-RS2T4-9P.

Professional Designs in Just a Few Clicks

GT Works3 function details



You can design GOT widescreens with GT Works3, familiar software that can be commonly used for the GOT2000 Series.

  • * Use GT Works3 Version 1.180N or later to design screens of GT2505.
  • * For the details of GT Works3 functions, please refer to "GT Works3".

GOT2000 Series 5.7-inch models functions list

Item GT2705 GT2505 GT1455
Hardware specifications Memory Memory for storage (ROM) 32MB 32MB 9MB
Memory for operation (RAM) 80MB 80MB -
SRAM user area/D drive ●/- ●/- ●/●
Ethernet/CC-Link IE Field Basic ●/● ●/● ●/-
USB host/USB device ●/● ●/● ●/●
Extension interface/Side interface *2 - -
Touch panel simultaneous press (two points) - -
Vertical display *1
Rotate 90° to left

Rotate 90° to right

Rotate 90° to right
Functions Recipe display(record list) -
Document displayMemory -
Historical trend graph(Memory)
GOT Mobile functionLicense(Memory) -
VNC server functionLicense
Remote personal computer operation function (Ethernet)License -
Sound output functionUnit - -
MES interface functionLicense(Memory) -
Wireless LAN functionUnit - -
Operation logMemory -
KANA KANJI conversion
FA transparent
Multi-channel function(Unit) *3
Multiple GOT connection - -
SoftGOT-GOT linkLicense -
Gesture function - -
Sequence program monitor (Ladder) / (iQ-R ladder)Memory -
Sequence program monitor (SFC)Memory -
Network monitor -
CC-Link IE Field Network diagnostics -
Drive recorder GOT Drive(Memory) -
Servo amplifier monitor GOT Drive -
R/Q motion monitor GOT Drive -
Log viewer(Memory) -
System launcher -
System launcher (servo network) GOT Drive -
  • Unit Option unit required
  • License License required
  • Memory SD memory card or USB memory required
  • Battery Battery required
  • ( ) Required depending on conditions of use
  • *1 Remote personal computer operation function (Ethernet) cannot be used.
    The following screens are displayed horizontally: utility screen, monitor and data management screens that are displayed from the utility screen (sequence program monitor, etc.). For the details of other GOT operations when placed vertically, please refer to the relevant product manual or the Help.
  • *2 For the applicable option units, please refer to the Graphic Operation Terminal GOT2000 Series Catalog
    or the relevant product manual.
  • *3 Up to three communication units can be installed on GT2705.
  • *4 No communication units can be installed on GT2505 and GT1455.
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Compact body, clear and bright display

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Various functions of GT25 are available along with the same functions as GT14
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