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Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

Specifications and Features of Banknote Applications

By developing a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor IC and high-efficient illumination system, we have achieved one of the fastest scanning CIS in the world at 20μs / line / color. We offer CIS which are capable of supporting up to 16 light sources, including visible light, infrared, UV, and transmitted light.

Specifications *Spec. for banknote CIS is just a sample, and details shall be discussed.

Scan width (total scan width) 200㎜ (207.4㎜)
Valid pixels (total pixels) 1575 (1632) pixels
Pixel density 200dpi/100dpi/50dpi/25dpi
Output clock frequency 84MHz
Scan speed* 20 us/line・color
Electric current DC 4.0 V x 1.0A max.
Data output method 10bit length digital output (LVDS**)
Light source Reflective (R,G,B,IR,UV)
Transmitted (1 color of R,G,B,IR)
Focal point 1.0㎜ above glass surface
Rod lens 12°
External dimensions 229 (L) ×25 (W) ×18 (H) H㎜
Including flange (L) = 241㎜
Features High-speed scanning

* In the case of using three kinds of light source. If four or more different kinds of LEDs are used, the speed must be reduced, because there is a limitation in the number of LED chips mounted on our LED boards.

** LVDS:Low Voltage Differential Signaling


1. Light source development Illumination (system) development

Mitsubishi Electric has achieved unique illumination (system) that satisfies customers’ needs by leveraging development through optical simulation.

2. UV illumination

Mitsubishi Electric CIS provide uniform illumination through development based on decades of experiences for UV light source CIS.

3. In-house fabrication of step-less transfer face structure

Contact plates composed of glass and resin frame are produced in-house and have steps between the glass plate and resin frame less than 30μm, which is called the Glass-Plastic-Flatness (GPF) process.

4. Hologram scanning

Hologram scanning is possible with CIS, thanks to the multi-axis ability of light sources. This technology is used for banknote inspection as in ATM and cash handling machines.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this CIS or its introduction.