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Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

About Mitsubishi Electric Contact Image Sensors


Contact Image Sensors (CIS) has a line of image sensors across the field of view. It also includes a GRIN lens (Rod Lens) for 1:1 image quality and LED illumination. Comparing to conventional line scan camera systems, a CIS has improved image quality with reduced distortion, all in a compact design with up to 600dpi resolution.

Main Features of Mitsubishi Electric Contact Image Sensors

  • 1.High-performance digital output

    Based on know-how accumulated over many years, we have originally developed high-speed, high-functional AFE and ASIC for CIS.

  • 2.One of the world's fastest scan speed as a single output

    We have originally developed key parts, such as high-SNR CMOS sensor ICs with an extremely efficient illumination.
    Maximum speed of 20μs/line (banknote applications)
    Maximum speed of 20μs/line (copy machine applications)

  • 3.Combination of high efficiency and multi-color light sources possible

    White light source with higher brightness and lower power consumption (copy machine applications)
    Visible (RGB), infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light source combinations possible (banknote applications)

  • 4.Various image-processing functions enhanced

    Improved operation ease thanks to enhanced image-processing functions such as pixel interpolation, color reproduction processing (NCM) and drop out color.

  • 5.Complies with Europe's RoHS

    Our CIS satisfy regulations for the applicable six substances, making them products that can be used anxiety-free.

* RoHS directive. Restricts the use of six hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment sold in countries of the EU from July 2006.

Features of each model

History of Mitsubishi Electric Contact Image Sensors

We will continue to provide high-quality, high-performance and highly reliable CIS based on know-how accumulated from a track record spanning more than 30 years.

Surface Inspection

CIS are widely used instead of line cameras as surface inspection devices to detect faulty conditions like scratches, dirt, missing parts, coloring, and positioning of printed documents, plastic film, circuit boards, sheet iron, etc.

Banknote Applications

High-speed scanning is possible with our independently unique developed CMOS sensor IC / ASIC and various light sources (RGB, IR and UV). Used for authenticating items such as banknotes.

Copy machine applications

Our original CMOS sensor IC and color filter technologies are utilized in CIS for copy machine applications. These CIS are widely used in the scanning part of copy machines as scanners.