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Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

Production Lineup and Specifications of KD6R1064CXF-NL for Surface inspection applications

New generation CIS! New CIS with the industry's largest depth of field

  • Improved the depth of field, which is more than 3.6 times that of existing product!
  • Image reading is clear even if the object has significant surface irregularities or vibrates!
  • Scan Width 1064mm
  • Working distance 27mm
  • CoaXPress®、GenICam®

Basic functions

Product name KD-CXF Series
Image Output 8bit, 10bit RGB color/ mono
Data Output format CoaXPress® Rev. 1.1 compliant
Output Data Rate Max. 6.25 Gbps × 4ch × 2
Sync signal settings External Sync Mode, Internal Sync Mode
Resolution 600dpi, 300dpi, 200dpi, 150dpi
Image process function Dark/White correction, Interpolation, PGA, γ-correction, etc.
Item KD6R1064CXF-NL
10bit 600dpi 1.9 m/sec
300dpi 7.6 m/sec
200dpi 16.5 m/sec
150dpi 26.9 m/sec
8bit 600dpi 2.3 m/sec
300dpi 8.1 m/sec
200dpi 16.5 m/sec
150dpi 26.9 m/sec

Basic characteristics

Spectral sensitivity of sensor IC

Images read at different focal points by existing product and KD-CXF model

Improve the depth of field to ±1.8mm, which is more than 3.6 times that of existing products!

  Distance from focal point
(- side is closer to object and + side is further from object)
-2mm -1mm ±0mm
(focal point)
+1mm +2mm
Existing Product


*The direction of motion of CIS is from left to right.


Item Non light source
Valid scan width 1064.3
Total pixels pixel 25,056 × 3
Pixel density dpi 600
Communication format - CoaXPress® Rev. 1.1
Maximum Line rate
10bit 600dpi 45.1
300dpi 90.5
200dpi 130.6
150dpi 159.1
8bit 600dpi 55.0
300dpi 96.2
200dpi 130.6
150dpi 159.1
Output data rate Gbps 6.25 × 4 max. × 2 ch
Power supply for sensors
5V × 2ch
(22A Max.)
for illumination
Exposure control Illumination pulse Duty adjustment / Electronic shutter
Focal position 27.1 (from glass surface)
Size (L×W×H) 1131.1 × 59.0 × 119.3
Weight kg 5.8
Regulatory compliance RoHS/CE

* Please download outline drawings here.

* GenICam® is a trademark registered by EMVA (European Machine Vision Association)

* CoaXPress® is a trademark registered by AIA (Automated Imaging Association)