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Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

Product Lineup and Specifications of KD6R106SX Series for Surface Inspection Applications

  • Simple installation! Compact!
  • Scan width 106mm
  • Working distance 1.3mm
  • GigE Vision®
  • Mono scanning


Item KD6R106SX
Scan width 106
Valid pixels Pixel 2,496
Resolution dpi 600
Output data format GigE Vision® 2.0
Scan speed kHz/line 6
Power 5V × 1ch (2A max.)
Light source Red LED (660nm)
Exposure control LED pulse control
Focal point 1.3 (from glass surface)
Size (L×W×H) 137.7 × 48 × 46.1
Weight g 184
Regulatory compliance RoHS

* Subject to change as the product is under development.

* Please download outline drawings here.

GigE Vision® is a registered trade mark of AIA (Automated Imaging Association).