How can I discuss investment?

Please contact us from the CONTACT form. You will be contacted by our representatives if there is any possibility for further discussion with ME Innovation Fund.

How long will it take to receive funding?

We strive to make decisions quickly, although this varies depending on the investment round (growth stage) and investment terms. We attempt to make a decision in approximately two months from the start of investment consideration.

What is the process leading to receiving funding?

It generally involves the following steps.
Please prepare briefing material for the interview as described in Step 1, including an outline of the company and information about your business, relevant technologies, and investment round (growth stage). Please note that a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will not be signed for the first meeting. It is your responsibility to manage what information should be disclosed to ME Innovation Fund without NDA.
For Step 2 onwards, how the next step should proceed will be discussed as required before each step.

Investment Consideration ProcessInvestment Consideration Process

Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed for the first interview?

During the first interview, we do not expect the conversation to reach a stage where confidential information needs to be disclosed. It is your responsibility to manage what information should be disclosed to ME Innovation Fund without NDA.

Is investment in a sole proprietorship, not a corporation, possible?

Only corporations are eligible for investment.

Is the investment consultation premised on collaboration with the Mitsubishi Electric Group?

We assume that there is a presumption toward collaboration.
We will consider investment not only in collaboration with existing businesses of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, but also in cases where there are expectations for the creation of new businesses in the future.

Do you also invest in overseas start-ups?

We also invest in international start-ups.
Please check our portfolio for investment results.

Is there a limit to the amount of investment?

Investment amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis based on the investment round (growth stage) and investment terms.
We are not able to provide a specific figure.

What kind of structure do you operate under?

The ME Innovation Fund has Global Brain Corporation as its general partner (unlimited liability partner). In order to facilitate discussions on collaboration, Mitsubishi Electric has established a team dedicated to the fund and is managing it jointly with mutual cooperation.

What are the benefits to the startup company receiving the investment?

The utilization of management resources possessed by the Mitsubishi Electric Group. We have many experts in a wide range of business areas, and their support for business and technology development can be expected.

What kind of startup companies do you invest in?

A startup company that aims to solve social issues and build a medium- to long-term relationship with the Mitsubishi Electric Group as a partner company for the realization of a sustainable society. We will actively invest in startup companies that possess innovative technologies and novel ideas and continue to take on challenges.