• Released a petroleum gas fan heater and FF-type petroleum gas storage hot water supply equipment. (1978)
  • Installed elevators which traveled 600 meters per minute, the fastest in the world at that time. (1978)
  • Released a futon drier, the RO-1500 range oven, and an electronic heated table (kotatsu) model. (1977)
  • Launched the ETS-II engineering test satellite, the first in a series of ETSs for which Mitsubishi Electric was the prime contractor. (1977)
  • Produced Japan's largest-capacity nuclear power generator (1,300,000kVA) and a full gas-insulated substation (550kV). (1976)
  • Participated in national ultra-LSI R&D project aimed at "Studying Large-Scale Integrated Circuit Technology for the Next Generation of Digital Computers." (1976)
  • Introduced a large general-purpose computer, MELCOM COSMO 700. (1974)
  • Released the MELSEC310 sequencer. (1972)
  • Launched MOLDIS (Mitsubishi Online Distribution Information System) - Japan's first full-scale online realtime distribution information system. (1972)
  • Completed the 560,000 kVA turbine generator -- Japan's largest -- for the Kansai Electric Power Company's Mihama Power Plant. (1970)
  • Introduced the LOSSNAY heat-exchange ventilation system. (1970)


photo: 1967 Earth-station antenna

Earth-station antenna

  • Released the best-selling MELCOM83 small business computer. (1969)
  • Developed the world's first permanent fuse. (1969)
  • Chosen as the prime contractor for Japan's first working satellite for ionosphere sounding. (1969)
  • Adopted "ADVANCED AND EVER ADVANCING" as our corporate slogan. (1969)
  • Released a wall-mounted split-system room air conditioner featuring a line flow fan. (1968)
  • Completed the first Mitsubishi nuclear power generator (400,000kVA). (1968)
  • Delivered an earth-station antenna to the Mexican Ministry of Communication for use with an international satellite. (1967)
  • Began technological cooperation on space technology with America's TRW. (1966)
  • Manufactured a commercial CVCF inverter and developed a VVVF inverter. (1965)
  • Supplied radar equipment to the weather station atop Mt. Fuji. (1964)
  • Delivered 1650 kVA main transformer and 185 kW electric motor for use in the Shinkansen (Bullet Train). (1963)
  • Delivered Japan's first subway train with an automatic train-operation (ATO) system. (1962)
  • Released Japan's first IC chip: the Molectron. (1961)
  • Produced the first Mitsubishi color TV, incorporating technology developed by RCA Corp. (1960)
  • Launched Mitsubishi Electric's initial computer entry, MELCOM 1101. (1960)


photo: The first Mitsubishi Electric television (Model 101K-17), launched in 1953.

The first Mitsubishi Electric television (Model 101K-17), launched in 1953.

  • Completed the first Mitsubishi electrical-discharge machine. (1958)
  • Completed 105,000 kVA Francis-type hydraulic turbine generator for the J-Power Tagokura power plant, featuring umbrella-type construction with Japan's highest generation capacity. (1957)
  • Completed the ITV - Japan's first ever industrial use television. (1954)
  • Released the first Mitsubishi Electric television (Model 101K-17). (1953)
  • Completed Japan's first DD50 diesel-electric locomotive, for the Japan National Railways. (1953)
  • Began semiconductor research. (1952)
  • Succeeded in making Japan's first V-type oil circuit breakers for use on ultra high-voltage lines (287.5kV/5,000MVA). (1951)


  • Commenced production of radios and speakers. (1945)


  • Installed the first Mitsubishi electric power generation equipment. (1938)
  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (1937)
  • Delivered the first Mitsubishi elevator. (1935)
  • Delivered the first Mitsubishi escalator. (1935)
  • Marketed no-fuse breakers, the first domestically produced fuseless circuit breakers (15-35 amperes). (1933)
photo: Factory in the 1930s.

Factory in the 1930s. Commemorating the completion of Japan's largest (at the time) motor with an output of 9000 hp.


photo: 1924 Vertical-axle hydraulic generator

1924 Vertical-axle
hydraulic generator

photo: 1921-23 Electric fan

1921-23 Electric fan

  • Completed the first domestically produced railway substation, for the Odawara Kyuko Railway. (1928)
  • Produced the first Mitsubishi vertical-axle hydraulic generator (2,300kVA). (1924)
  • Technological licensing agreement signed with Westinghouse Electric International. (1923)
  • Manufactured approximately 10,000 electric fans. (1921-1923)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation established with paid-in capital of 15 million yen. (1921)
photo: Electric machine plant

Mitsubishi Electric's first mass-produced consumer product. Mitsubishi Electric's technical expertise in heavy electric systems was applied to manufacture products for the home.