• Announced to construct a new wafer plant to increase production of silicon carbide power semiconductors.
  • Received the order from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) to manufacture geostationary meteorological satellite Himawari-10.
  • Announced to construct a plant in India for room air conditioners and A/C equipment compressors.


  • Announced to construct a new factory in India for factory automation control system products.
  • Developed world's first laser communication terminal integrating space optical communication and spatial acquisition.
  • Announced to construct a new plant at air-conditioner production base in Turkey to expand production capacity.
  • Acquired shares of Sweden-based elevator company, Motum AB (acquisition of the company as a subsidiary).
  • Opened the "Collaborative Engineering Center (China)."
  • Joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).
  • Established four Business Areas, Infrastructure, Industry and Mobility, Life, and Business Platform as new management structure to enhance sustainability management.


  • Unveiled "EMIRAI xS Drive" concept car.
  • Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker received 2021 R&D 100 award.
  • Established 5G OPEN INNOVATION Lab.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporate Strategy (Corporate strategy, Supplementary materials: Key growth businesses). Announced the Medium-term management plan towards FY2026 and Sustainability initiatives including the aim to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire value chain by 2050 etc.
  • Increased air conditioner production in Turkey.
  • Secured a major order to supply 72 elevators to 2 large luxury complexes in India.
  • Named to "Supplier engagement leaderboard," the highest ranking in the CDP Supplier Engagement program.
  • In light of our 100th anniversary, we have revised the structure of our corporate philosophy, redefining the sense of purpose for the Mitsubishi Electric Group within society, as well as the values and direction that each and every employee should focus on.
  • February 1: The 100th anniversary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation being established.


  • Named to CDP's highest "A List" rankings in the two categories of climate and water.
  • Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. (SMEC) produced its one millionth unit.
  • Announced the construction of Mitsubishi Electric's net zero-energy building (ZEB) test facility "SUSTIE."
  • Received propulsion equipment order for Delhi Metro in India.
  • Developed IoT Suite under ClariSense brand.
  • Launched MELFA ASSISTA Series of collaborative robots.
  • Began a demonstration test of a local 5G system in Japan.
  • Provided funding and supplies to support coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts in Japan.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Group’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets acquired SBT initiative certification.
  • Announced the launch of "misola," indoor lighting equipment that produces natural light with depth and colors similar to a blue sky.
  • Start of full-scale development of "the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) space probe" and "Greenhouse Gas and Water Cycle Observation Satellite GOSAT-GW."
  • Received the Grand Prize for two achievements (developing the Kirigamine FZ Series of room air conditioners; and developing cadmium-free electromagnetic switches) in the 69th Electrical Industry Technical Achievement Awards.