Flash announcement:
Precautionary notice for selected general-purpose frequency inverters

We are very sorry to announce a precautionary notice for selected frequency inverters from our FR-D700 series.


As part of our continuous quality control, in December 2020, during the regular endurance testing of batch lots of manufactured products, we discovered a weakness in one of the third-party semiconductors used to store operational data. The semiconductor is an EEPROM used to store the operational parameters/configuration of the inverter. If the failure occurs, the EEPROM will "no longer accurately retain its data". In other words, after a power on (or reset), parameters may be lost or reset, and the inverter may not operate as expected.
As we value not only design and product quality, but also quality of usage, we are undertaking this precautionary notice to our customers and offer of return and replacement of inverters manufactured with the faulty EEPROM.

Affected units:

Models: 1) FR-D700 Series, 2) FR-F700PJ Series, 3) FR-FS2 Series, 4) FR-D700-G Series, 5) FR-D700EX Series
Production dates: From June (6) 2020 to December (12) 2020
Serial numbers:
Products made in Japan
□06○○○○○○ to □09○○○○○○ and □0X○○○○○○ to □0Z○○○○○○
□09○○○○○○ and □0X○○○○○○ to □0Z○○○○○○

Next actions:

The supplier of the faulty semiconductor has already identified the process error and taken immediate steps to prevent it reoccurring. Mitsubishi Electric will increase its vigilance during the QA process.

Basis of the return and replace offer:

We will replace or repair affected units free of charge subject to the local laws and regulations in your country of residence.

Specific handling details:

For specific details of the handling in your location please contact your supplier.