Privacy policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's core philosophy
regarding personal data protection

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has established a corporate purpose: "We, the Mitsubishi Electric Group, will contribute to the realization of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity." We are engaged in a variety of businesses and receive a variety of information from all stakeholders—including customers, shareholders, investors, business partners and employees—through our business activities while recognising that personal data is an important asset.
As such, it is our social responsibility to ensure accurate and safe processing of personal data. We handle personal data in accordance with eight principles based on laws and regulations of various countries and regions, and strive to improve and maintain these principles by establishing systems and implementing appropriate measures.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's principles for processing of personal data
The Mitsubishi Electric Group processes your important personal data in accordance with the following principles.

  1. (1) Lawfulness: We acquire and process personal data appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  2. (2) Fairness and transparency: When processing personal data, we provide you with clear and easily understandable information about our procedures for handling personal data, using simple and accessible methods, at the appropriate time and from your perspective.
  3. (3) Purpose limitation: We process personal data only if it is sufficient, relevant and necessary in relation to the purpose.
  4. (4) Data minimisation: We limit our processing of personal data to what is necessary in relation to the purpose.
  5. (5) Accuracy: We keep personal data accurate and up to date where necessary.
  6. (6) Storage limitation: We determine the period for which storing personal data is necessary for its purpose. When the storage period ends, we delete personal data by an appropriate method.
  7. (7) Integrity and confidentiality: We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data from breaches, including unauthorised access, accidental loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage.
  8. (8) Privacy by design: We consider protective measures necessary to comply with the above principles at the planning stage, or in other words, prior to conducting the processing of personal data.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's organisations and measures to protect personal data
In order to properly handle your important personal data, we strive to maintain and improve the level of personal data protection throughout the entire Mitsubishi Electric Group by implementing the following measures.

Establishing a management organisation for the protection of personal data
Mitsubishi Electric recognises the importance of information security and has established a Corporate Information Security Division, with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsible for overseeing information security.
The CIO collaborates with the responsible officers of each company within the Group to oversee and promote compliance with laws and regulations regarding personal data protection. The CIO also works towards implementing initiatives across the entire Mitsubishi Electric Group. To maintain and strengthen our level of management, we provide necessary training to employees and other relevant individuals on laws related to personal data protection, basic principles for handling personal data, and relevant internal rules. We ensure thorough awareness and adherence to proper handling of personal data.

Compliance with laws and Group guidelines
We comply not only with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we are based, but also those of applicable third-party countries and regions. Furthermore, we handle personal data appropriately in accordance with the common guidelines for personal data protection within the Group, ensuring protection at a global level.

Security measures
To protect personal data, we enhance our monitoring systems and ensure safety management by implementing comprehensive multi-layered security measures in preparation for cyber-attacks.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding our Group's core philosophy or other aspects of how we handle personal data.