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Mitsubishi Electric Social Media Terms of Use

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (hereafter "Mitsubishi Electric") sets forth the following Terms of Use Agreement (hereafter "this Agreement"), which shall apply to all related social media and any services incidental to those media.

Clause 1: Range of Application

This Agreement applies to all users (hereafter "User") who access or post to any social media that Mitsubishi Electric provides, as well as any services (hereafter "these Services") incidental to those media. However, should there be any differences between this Agreement and the content of the terms used and policies posted at a given social media site that Mitsubishi Electric operates, the terms of use, etc., posted at said social media site shall apply.

Clause 2: Terms of Consent

  1. When a User, with regard to these Services, supplies information (including the User's ideas concerning technologies, sales and/or products, but excluding personal information) to Mitsubishi Electric or to Mitsubishi Electric's website, all rights to said information in question are regarded as having been transferred to Mitsubishi Electric at that point in time. In any case where the rights to the information in question are non-transferable, Mitsubishi Electric warrants that said information shall not be used intentionally. However, Mitsubishi Electric shall bear no liability for protecting the confidentiality of said information, its use or any evaluation thereof.
  2. If a User violates any of the terms of this Agreement, Mitsubishi Electric shall have the right to delete information that the User has supplied regarding these Services without advance notification. In such case, Mitsubishi Electric shall not be required to disclose its reason(s) for doing so.
  3. If by chance a dispute arises between any User and a third party, the User shall be liable for resolving the dispute at the User's own expense.
  4. If a User violates this clause or any of the following clauses, and damage is caused to Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Electric shall have the right to demand compensation for said damage.

Clause 3: Prohibited Activities

  1. A User shall not engage in any of the following activities during use of these Services, or in connection with the use of these Services.
    1. Acts that infringe upon the property rights, including intellectual properties such as copyrights, trademarks, etc.. of Mitsubishi Electric or a third party.
    2. Acts of malicious slander directed against Mitsubishi Electric or a third party, or acts that infringe upon rights of resemblance, privacy and/or any similar rights.
    3. Acts related to criminal offenses.
    4. Acts that are offensive to public order and/or morals.
    5. Electoral campaigning or acts reminiscent thereof.
    6. The act of using any information obtained through these Services outside the boundaries of Clause 5 (Protection of Intellectual Properties) Paragraph 1 without obtaining prior consent from Mitsubishi Electric.
    7. The act of using these Services to conduct sales activities or provide information for the purpose of profit without obtaining prior consent from Mitsubishi Electric.
    8. Acts that interfere with the operation and maintenance of these Services and other Mitsubishi Electric administrative operations, that harm the credibility of Mitsubishi Electric or are at a risk of doing so.
    9. The act of altering information regarding these Services or information supplied through these Services.
    10. The act of sending or including malicious computer programs or similar data.
    11. Acts that violate laws and regulations or acts that are at a risk of doing so.
    12. Other acts that Mitsubishi Electric judges to be inappropriate.

Clause 4: Disclaimers

  1. Because the information that is supplied via these Services through text or other materials posted by a User may contain personal, subjective evaluations, change over time, or include invalidated reports, Mitsubishi Electric makes no guarantee regarding the completeness, accuracy or safety of any information posted.
  2. Mitsubishi Electric shall bear no liability for any damages a User may suffer related to the use of these Services; except however, if it is proven such case is caused intentionally by, or as the result of a major error committed by Mitsubishi Electric.
  3. Mitsubishi Electric maintains the right to make additions to the content, change the content and/or terminate these Services without advising a User in advance, and shall not bear liability for any damages to the User.

Clause 5: Protection of Intellectual Properties

  1. The information related to products, services and technologies supplied to the User through these Services is protected by industrial property rights laws, copyright laws and other laws related to intellectual properties. A User may use the information in question only for noncommercial purposes or for individual private use. The explicit consent of Mitsubishi Electric is required when using the information in question for any purposes beyond the aforementioned; this includes copying, sending, distributing, transferring and/or adapting. The same conditions apply below.
  2. The trade names, trademarks and insignias used on Mitsubishi Electric websites are protected under the Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law as well as other laws. A User cannot use these materials without the explicit prior consent of Mitsubishi Electric.

Clause 6: Modifications

  1. Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to change this Agreement without notifying a User in advance. When public notice has been given on Mitsubishi Electric websites, the User is regarded to having consented to the new Agreement and the revised Agreement is regarded as having gone into force when published online.

Clause 7: Website Terms of Use

  1. Those items not stipulated under this Agreement are regarded as being covered based on the "Website Terms of Use" published on the Mitsubishi Electric website.

Clause 8: Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

  1. This Agreement and these Services shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. Any conflicts that may arise regarding this Agreement and the use of these Services shall be resolved through a judgment handed down by the Tokyo District Court, which shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
[enacted August 1, 2011]