Human rights

AI Ethics Policy

Mitsubishi Electric Group AI Ethics Policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has declared that it will contribute to the realization of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity. In accordance with this, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by solving social issues through technological innovations in AI. Furthermore, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will promote the responsible development and use of AI, taking into account not only convenience, but also safety and security. In addition, this policy will adapt and evolve based on changes in the technology related to AI, social trends, and continuous dialogue with diverse stakeholders. In summary, using this policy as a guide, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will create a brighter tomorrow by contributing to the realization of an AI society that is centered on human beings.

  1. Realization of a human-centered AI society
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group aims to realize a society in which human dignity is protected by developing and utilizing AI that leads to people’s happiness and active participation in the society.
  2. Fair and non-discriminatory utilization
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group recognizes the possibility that decisions may be biased in AI-equipped products and services, but will always strive to treat people fairly and not discriminate in a society where diverse people coexist. In addition, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will seek cooperation with the customers and business partners who we provide AI products or services to, so that fairness principles are respected in all applications of AI technology.
  3. Ensuring safety and security
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group aims to ensure that the lives and freedoms of people in our society are not threatened by rigorously testing the safety of products and services equipped with AI to ensure that they work as expected. We will also continue to work on security measures such as protecting the AI products and services against unauthorized access by third parties.
  4. Consideration for privacy
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group believes that the appropriate handling of data including personal information is of utmost importance and will work to ensure that the privacy of data associated with AI-equipped products and services is maintained.
  5. Transparency and accountability
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group strives to enhance the transparency of AI by explaining the reasons for certain decisions in AI-equipped products and services. In addition, through continuous dialogue with diverse stakeholders, we will aim to be accountable regarding the purpose of use and usage of AI, as well as the various effects that could be expected when using AI-equipped products and services.
  6. Development of AI and human resources
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group will continuously develop AI technologies and AI-equipped products and services. Also, we will train our employees to understand AI technologies and issues, enabling them to contribute to the realization of a human-centered AI society.
  7. Compliance with laws and regulations
    The Mitsubishi Electric Group will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region in the development and utilization of AI-equipped products and services.