Factory Automation

Programmable Controllers MELSEC Feature -Line up-

Comprehensive controller lineup available to meet customers’ requirements, from small‑scale and stand-alone to medium- and large-scale systems

Medium- to large-scale control

MELSEC iQ-R Series

A next-generation programmable automation controller (PAC), the MELSEC iQ-R Series incorporates a revolutionary high-speed system bus that improves productivity through advanced performance and functionality.

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The first to incorporate the multiple CPU architecture, the MELSEC-Q Series wide-range of CPUs enables control of multiple operations, improving the performance and scalability of the overall production system.

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Small- to medium-scale control


The MELSEC-L Series is a baseless highly scalable controller ideal for applications having limited space. With various I/O functionality embedded into the CPU head, exceptional cost versus performance is achieved in a compact body.

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Small-scale and stand-alone

MELSEC iQ-F Series

Designed to provide outstanding performance and superior drive control, the MELSEC iQ-F Series is a high-performance compact-class controller with a rich assortment of integrated functions.

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Incorporating abundant features with a flexible system configuration, the MELSEC-F Series has a power supply, CPU and I/Os into a single compact body. Furthermore, a diverse range of options are available to further expand its capabilities.

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Application-specific CPUs

iQ Platform

These best-in-class CPUs, integrated into the iQ Platform, are designed for specific needs across various different industry areas.

*1. R◻SFCPU-SET includes both a safety CPU and safety function module