MELSEC iQ-R Series

Analog module

Similar to the digital I/O modules, analog modules are the main interface between various analog devices and the programmable controller. Analog input modules process analog signals from external devices and analog output modules output analog signals are available.

Analog input module

  • Without channel isolated

    • R60AD4Screw terminal blockVoltage/current4-channel
    • R60ADV8Screw terminal blockVoltage8-channel
    • R60ADI8Screw terminal blockCurrent8-channel
    • R60ADH4Screw terminal blockVoltage/current4-channelHigh-speed conversion 1 µs/CH
    • R60ADI8-HASpring-clamp terminal blockCurrent8-channelHART® communication
  • With channel isolated

    • R60AD8-G40-pin connectorVoltage/current8-channel
    • R60AD16-G40-pin connector (2×)Voltage/current16-channel
    • R60AD6-DG40-pin connectorCurrent6-channel

Analog output module

  • Without channel isolated

    • R60DA4Screw terminal blockVoltage/current4-channel
    • R60DAV8Screw terminal blockVoltage8-channel
    • R60DAI8Screw terminal blockCurrent8-channel
    • R60DAH4Screw terminal blockVoltage/current4-channelHigh-speed conversion 1 µs/CH
  • With channel isolated

    • R60DA8-G40-pin connectorVoltage/current8-channel
    • R60DA16-G40-pin connector (2×)Voltage/current16-channel

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