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Vision Sensor


The vision sensor is the key device on the shop floor that detects data necessary for e-F@ctory in real time. Mitsubishi Electric vision sensors which support CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and SLMP*1 are highly compatible with Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products. Measuring results are seamlessly coordinated with the edge computing level, realizing smooth analysis for reducing TCO*2.

*1. Seamless Message Protocol
*2. Total Cost of Ownership


Equipped with PatMax RedLine®*3, the VS80 can identify works traveling at high speed. Its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained area, hard-to-reach area, and is installable on the robot hands. PoE equipped stand-alone vision sensor with reduced wiring. Monochrome modeles and color modeles are available.

*3. High-speed/high-accuracy pattern matching algorithm


Equipped with PatMax RedLine®, the VS70 can identify works traveling at high speed. Lightings, lenses, and filters can be selected from a wide range of option products, allowing customization according to customer requirements. Monochrome modeles and color modeles are available.


Simple presence/absence checks can be done. Monochrome modeles and color modeles which support color verification are available. Even novice users can make a setting easily and quickly. The design can be changed between in-line and right-angle according to the installation space.

Specifications/functions comparison
Item VS80 VS70 VS20
Imagery Monochrome/color Monochrome/color Monochrome/color
Lighting/filter Integrated Integrated
Protective structure IP40 IP67 IP65
PoE adapter
Measurement *4
Code reading
*4: Excluding some models
*5: Function to output position information of the detected work.
*6: Alphabet and numeral reading