Factory Automation

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Model name
Phase wire system
Rating Current
Measuring element Current (A) Measuring Item
Current demand (DA) Measuring Item
Voltage (V) Measuring Item
Active power (W) Measuring Item
Reactive power (var) Measuring Item
Apparent power (VA) Measuring Item
Power factor (PF) Measuring Item
Frequency (Hz) Measuring Item
Active energy (Wh) Measuring Item
Reactive energy (varh) Measuring Item
Apparent energy (VAh) Measuring Item
Harmonic current (HI) Measuring Item
Harmonic voltage (HV) Measuring Item
Rolling demand active power (DW) Measuring Item
Rolling demand reactive power (Dvar) Measuring Item
Rolling demand apparent power (DVA) Measuring Item
Periodic active energy (Wh) Measuring Item
Operating time (h) Measuring Item
Current unbalance rate (Aunb) Measuring Item
Voltage unbalance rate (Vunb) Measuring Item
CO2 equivalent Measuring Item
Measuring method Instantaneous value
Demand value
Display Display type
Number of display digits or segments Digital section
Display update time interval
Output functions
Input functions
Transmission function Transmission type
Transmission speed
Connection method
Transmission distance
Number of connectable units
Built-in logging Logging mode
Logging data type Measuring data
Alarm log
The recorded time of the Max/Min value
Number of logging items Measuring data
Alarm log
The recorded time of the Max/Min value
Internal memory logging period Measuring data
Alarm log
The recorded time of the Max/Min value
System log data
Saving logging data
How to acquire logging data
Clock accuracy
Connectable Optional Plug-in Module
Power interruption backup  
Built-in logging
VA Consumption Voltage circuit
Current circuit
Auxiliary power circuit
Auxiliary power
Mounting method
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Storage temperature
Storage humidity
Electrical Indicators
Electronic Multi-Measuring Instrument
ME96 series
standard model
3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire (3CT, 2CT), 1-phase 3-wire, 1-phase 2-wire (common use)
5A AC, 1A AC (common use)
3-phase 4-wire : max 277/480V AC
3-phase 3-wire : (DELTA) max 220V AC, (STAR) max 440V AC
1-phase 3-wire : max 220/440V AC
1-phase 2-wire : (DELTA) max 220V AC, (STAR) max 440V AC
50/60Hz (common use)
A1, A2, A3, AN, AAVG
V12, V23, V31, VAVG (L-L), V1N, V2N, V3N, VAVG (L-N)
W1, W2, W3, ΣW
var1, var2, var3, Σvar
VA1, VA2, VA3, ΣVA
PF1, PF2, PF3, ΣPF
Imported, Exported
class 0.5S (IEC62053-22)
Imported lag, Imported lead, Exported lag, Exported lead
class 1S (IEC62053-24)
Imported + Exported
Total, 1st to 19st (Odd degree only)
Total, 1st to 19st (Odd degree only)
Rolling block, Fixing block (Select either of them according to the settings.)
Rolling block, Fixing block (Select either of them according to the settings.)
Rolling block, Fixing block (Select either of them according to the settings.)
Periodic active energy 1, Periodic active energy 2, Periodic active energy 3
class 0.5S
Operating time 1, Operating time 2
A, V: RMS value calculation; W, var, VA, Wh, varh, VAh: Digital multiplication; PF: Power ratio calculation; Hz: Zero-cross; HI, HV: FFT
DA: Thermal type calculation, DW, Dvar, DVA: Rolling demand calculation
LCD with LED backlight
First to third line indication: 4 digits, Fourth line indication: 6 digits
A, DA, V, W, var, VA, PF, DW, Dvar, DVA: 4 digits; Hz: 3 digits; Wh, varh, VAh: 9 digits (6-digit or 12-digit is also available.); Harmonic distortion ratio/content rate: 4 digits; Harmonic RMS value: 4 digits; Operating time: 6 digits or 9-digit; Digital input/output: I/O
0.5s, 1s (selectable)
2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400bps
1,200m (max)
31 units
Automatic overwrite update
Measuring data and time data are logged at the interval set at the data logging period. (15 min, 30 min, 60 min)
* Integrated values (Wh, varh, and VAh) are measured values of ME96SS. They are not differential values by logging period.
Time data at alarm generating/cancellation and at waiting for alarm cancellation
Max/Min value data and time data
Integrated value data: 5 items, Data other than integrated value: 15 items, Total: A maximum of 20 items
The number of the set alarms
The total is 19 items: Current Max/Min (AVG), Line voltage Max/Min (AVG), Phase voltage Max/Min (AVG), Total active power Max/Min (AVG), Total power factor Max/Min (AVG), Frequency Max/Min (AVG), Total reactive power Max/Min, Total apparent power Max/Min, Total harmonic current RMS Max value, Harmonic line voltage distortion ratio Max total, Harmonic phase voltage distortion ratio Max total
30 days (Logging period: 15 minutes), 60 days (Logging period: 30 minutes), 120 days (Logging period: 60 minutes)
100 records
1 record for every Max/Min value factor
100 records
Use of nonvolatile memory
Acquire the logging data via MODBUS RTU Communication
±1 minute per month, typical
ME-4210-SS96B, ME-0040C-SS96, ME-0052-SS96, ME-0000MT-SS96, ME-0000BU-SS96, ME-0000BU25-SS96
Use of nonvolatile memory (Items: settings, MAX/MIN value, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy, periodic active energy, rolling demand, operating time)
Use of nonvolatile memory (Setup value, Logging data, System log data)
Each phase: 0.1VA (at 110V AC), 0.2VA (at 220V AC), 0.4VA (at 440V AC)
Each phase: 0.1VA (5A AC)
13VA (at 110V AC), 14VA (at 220V AC), 9W (at 100V DC)
100V to 240V AC (±15%), 100V to 240V DC (-30% +15%)
0.5 kg
96 (H) × 96 (W) × 90 (D) mm
-5°C to +55°C (Daily average temperature: 35°C or less)
0% to 85% RH, Non condensing
-25°C to +75°C (Daily average temperature: 35°C or less)
0% to 85% RH, Non condensing
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Note1: The class value represents the ratio to the rated value (100%).

Note2: For measurement where the harmonic distortion ratio (content rate) is 100% or more, the class can exceed ±1.0%.

Note3: Harmonic current cannot be measured without voltage input.

Note4: Using the conventional ME-4210-SS96 (Optional Plug-in Module), the CE marking and UL standards safety certification requirements cannot be met.