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Make the Invisible Visible™

This cutting-edge software delivers real-time visualization, mobility, analytics, and connectivity to deliver a contextualized view of enterprise operations for manufacturing, industrial automation, and smart buildings customers.

Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page.   Click here

Product List

  • ICONICS Suite™ offers integrated monitoring and control solutions ideal for applications.

    • • Operator role
    • • Engineer role
    • • Executive role
    • • System integrator role
  • AX Energy

    AX Energy

    Software to monitor energy including factory and plant energy, water and gas.

    • AX Facility

      AX Facility

      Software for factory or plant equipment control and preventive maintenance.

      • MC Historian

        MC Historian

        Software for high-speed data collection and automatic archiving of data functions.

        • AX Portal

          AX Portal

          Support software for web screen programming.

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