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Proposals for energy-saving support and countermeasures

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Want to achieve visualization of energy consumption and simplify report creation

Solution : Introduce energy-saving support devices

In data centers that consume large amounts of power, there is a needs to reduce power wastage and provide a stable power supply. With Mitsubishi Electric’s energy-saving analysis and diagnostic applications, it is possible to visualize the accumulated data and realize effective energy-saving activities by extracting energy loss and diagnosing factors.

*For models that cannot be connected to the GENESIS64™, Edgecross can be used.

Support for energy visualization using energy-saving support devices

The use of various energy-saving support devices enables the measurement of current, voltage, electric power, electric energy, leakage current, etc., which in turn makes energy visualization possible and contributes to the acceleration of the PDCA cycle for energy-saving.


An application supporting energy-saving through analysis of energy data

  • Supports energy-saving analysis with various analysis graphs
  • Reports can be created using analytic charts
  • Visualization via a dashboard

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EcoWebServer III

“Easy, convenient, compact” energy-saving support tool

  • Achieves collection/storage/graph conversion of measurement data on a web browser
  • Standard equipped with graphs required for energy-saving management enabling graph conversion without the need to input drawings

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Achieving measurement of desired measurement points with retrofitting

  • Capable of measurement suiting the specific application by combining energy measurement, leakage current measurement, pulse input, analog input, and a control module
  • Combination with an optional module enables system expansion utilizing logging with an SD card and communication

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MELSEC iQ-R Series Energy Measuring Module RE81WH

Measurement with MELSEC iQ-R Series compatible modules

  • Faster measurement data update cycle (10 ms)
  • Current and voltage can be measured in two ways: “effective value” and “instantaneous value”
  • Supporting customers’ engineering labor time reductions with engineering tool (GX Works 3)

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MDU Breaker

Achieving space-saving/minimal installation energy management

  • By integrating VT/CT for measurement, measurement display module and breaker, MDU Breaker offers wire-saving, minimal installation work, and space-saving benefits
  • Capable of measuring and displaying various circuit information including load current, electric energy, and power factor

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