Factory Automation




Preventive maintenance and reduction of maintenance load

  • Remote control and monitoring with networking FA products
  • Detection of sensor status with reduced wiring using ASLINK
  • UPS installed to handle power outage

Solutions to the Issues

Issues Solutions
Reduction of line start-up man-hours AnyWireASLINK simplifies wiring and eliminates the need for relay boxes which leads to reduction of miswiring, easy start-up and expansion of lines.
Easy of use and variable speed operation Simultaneous speed change and real-time collection of production site data through FR-E800 and the CC-LinkIE TSN network
Ensuring safety standards Use of FR-E800 safety functions

System Configuration


Reduction of line start-up man-hoursAnyWireASLINK

Eliminates cumbersome sensor wire connections and wire bundles, making it easy to start and expand lines

With the introduction of AnyWire ASLINKER with a small number of points and a large number of dispersion points, we contribute to the reduction of wiring and the elimination of relay boxes.

Substantial reduction of on-site startup man-hours

By installation on a block-by-block basis, fieldwork is limited to just connecting network cables. Helps reduce the risk of miswiring and the number of start-up steps.

Easy of use and variable speed operationFR-E800

Multi-Axis variable speed operation with FR-E 800 network

Inverter Link Function

  • Inverters can be used to build small-scale systems with Ethernet connection sharing I/O and special devices with built-in PLC function between inverters.
  • High-speed and stable communications enable data from production sites to be collected in real time, contributing to productivity improvement

A small-scale simple synchronous system can be constructed by using only inverters.
Realize multi-axis variable speed operation with CC-Link IE TSN standard.

Ensuring safety standardsFR-E800

Simplifying configuration and wiring by functional safety support

Support Safety Networks

Supports secure Ethernet-based communication protocols approved by international standards. Easy expansion of existing network with safety control system and the cost related to safety system can be reduced.

Model CC-Link IE TSN
Safety communication
PROFIsafe CIP Safety FSoE
(Safety over EtherCAT)
FR-E800-[]SCEPA - -
FR-E800-[]SCEPB - -
FR-E800-[]SCEPC - - -

●:Supported  ○:To be supported soon

  • *1:By using a safety programmable controller, safety control and safety communication functions of the safety relay are integrated into the control system.

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