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Energy Measuring Units

Energy Measuring Units  EcoMonitorPro EcomonitorLight

Energy measuring units to support energy saving at work places.

These units support to monitor consumtion energy precisely, which is neccesarry for reducing energy cost. By combining with Split-type current sensor, you can easilly fix in equipments which you want to measure.

Energy Measuring Unit - EcoMonitorPro

Wide selection to suite the number of circuit.

Low voltage use and high-low voltage common use, measure incoming circuits and distribution circuits can be also measured at 1 unit.

It corresponds to networks, such as CC-Link communication.

Energy Measuring Units EcomonitorPro

Energy Measuring Unit - EcoMonitorLight

Energy measuring, display and setting of measuring point are supported with the product itself.
Also, with RS-485 (MODBUS(R) RTU communication) function, easy connection with general servers and energy management with less workforce is now possible.

Energy Measuring Units EcomonitorLight
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