Programmable Controllers MELSEC


The MELSEC Series takes control to the next level.

MELSEC Series PLCs always meet your system demands and more, with something to offer for any prospective control system.
Enhanced solutions are realized by a wide lineup of PLCs and network systems.

Product List

MELSEC iQ-F Series

MELSEC iQ-F Series Next generation compact model with various built-in functions.

  • CPU module
  • I/O module
  • Analog Control module
  • High-Speed Counting module
  • Simple motion/Positioning Control module
  • Network/Communication module
  • Option


MELSEC-F Series Cost-Effective Compact Model.

  • Main Unit
  • I/O Extension
  • Analog Control
  • High-Speed Counting
  • Positioning Control
  • Network/Communication
  • Option
  • Allied products


MELSEC-QS/WS series Safety control devices ensuring the safety on the shop floor.

Engineering Software

MELSEC Engineering Software Software reduces TCO in engineering environments.

Network related products

Network related products Network products seamlessly connect complicated and large-scale production sites.

  • CC-Link IE Controller Network
  • CC-Link IE Field Network
  • CC-Link
  • CC-Link Safety
  • CC-Link/LT
  • Ethernet
  • AnyWire
  • Other network
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