High Frequency Devices

High Power, High Efficiency, and Miniaturization Ideal for high-speed, high-capacity wireless communication systems



    Exhibition & Events / Exhibiting High Frequency Devices at IMS 2024! Date Exhibition Jun 18 – 20 Place Washington, D.C,, USA Booth No. : 1143
    New Products /Optimal for 32T32R mMIMO antenna at 16W and 40% performance! GaN Power Amplifier Module for 5G Massive MIMO Base Stations
    New Products / Lineup of Ka-band GaN MMIC power amplifier chip with output power of 8W and 14W! Ka-band GaN MMIC for SATCOM earth station
    New Products / Achieves 6.5W output power at 3.6V operation!Silicon RF High power MOSFET
    Update Catalogs / High Frequency Devices and Silicon RF Devices Catalogs Updated!


    GaN High-Frequency Devices

    GaN enables high efficiency and high output, thereby contributing to the evolution of high-speed, large-capacity communication systems such as satellite communication (SATCOM) Earth station, and mobile communication base transceiver station (BTS).

    Silicon RF Devices

    Widely used in portable wireless communication devices that operate in the frequency band under 1 GHz in order to amplify transmission power, which contributes to low power consumption and miniaturization.