650V, 600A, 6in1

The J1 series is a compact, lightweight, direct water-cooled power module designed for automobiles, and contributes to the miniaturization, weight reduction, and high reliability of inverters and E-axles.


  • Low power loss 7th-generation IGBT chip applied CSTBTTM*1 technology.
  • High reliability DLB*2 structure
  • 6-switching elements per package (6-in-1, insulated type)
    Direct cooling package with cooling fin
  • Compact, light-weight, high-power-density module
  • Built-in on-chip temperature sensor
  • Built-in on-chip current sensor for SC protection
  • *1:CSTBT is Mitsubishi Electric’s original IGBT chip construction incorporating carrier-store effect.
  • *2:Direct Lead Bonding


  • EV・HEV
  • High reliability inverter

Main Specifications

Parameter Level Value Unit
Main Applications Automotive
Supply situation In production
Rated voltage Max 650 V
Rated current Max 600 A
Connection 6-PACK
Package type Direct Cooling Power Module
Si/SiC Si


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