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GaAs High Frequency DevicesGaAs High Frequency Devices


GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) high frequency devices which are the most suitable compound semiconductors for satellite broadcasting receivers, communication receiving devices and satellite communication receivers.

In equipment for receiving radio waves from satellites, HEMT devices are used to amplify weak signals without generating noise.

Mitsubishi Electric has achieved lower noise through improvements in device structures including miniaturized gate lengths, and packaging structure, contributing to smaller satellite broadcasting receivers, and smaller and lower-cost receivers.


Low noise / Various product lineup

Main Applications

Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) / Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) / Automotive / etc

Selection Map

Low Noise GaAs HEMTs

Low Noise GaAs HEMTs MGF4921AM MGF4921AM MGF4938AM MGF4934CM MGF4935AM MGF4937AM MGF4965BM
  • ■:AEC-Q101 qualified
  • HEMT:High Electron Mobility Transistor

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Small Signal InGaP HBT

Small Signal InGaP HBT MGF3022AM
  • ■:AEC-Q101 qualified
  • HBT:Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

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Data Sheets

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