You wouldn't believe
the things we do.

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We make LED screens so big you can
measure them in wingspans

Wingspan of a Boeing 747-400: 64.4 meters. Width of the Diamond Vision screen at the Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong: 70.4 meters


Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Vision

This Diamond Vision LED screen which we built for the Sha Tin racecourse in Hong Kong is 70.4 meters long, wider than the wingspan of a Boeing 747-400 jet. It features a flexible multi-display capability and Mitsubishi Electric's advanced synchronized screen-controller technology, which ensures that all of its 5.6 million LED's display simultaneously, for seamless high resolution images. At the time of its installation (August, 2004) this screen was the widest LED screen in the world.

You wouldn't believe the things we do.

The world's longest¹ LED video screen (70.4 meters)

The Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong

This Diamond Vision installation is 70.4 meters wide. It is used to show both text-based information such as racehorse data and race results, as well as video for panoramic views of the competition, exciting close-ups of the lead horse, and more. This sort of content ensures maximum enjoyment for the thousands of viewers in the stands. But to provide such a large amount of visual information, a screen of this size was required.

Flexible multi-screen display

The giant Diamond Vision has flexible, multi-display functionality, allowing race data, footage and other content to be shown freely on a maximum of up to eight different sub-screens, anywhere on the big screen, and at any size.

The key: our original synchronized screen controller technology

The greatest challenge with a screen this big is how to achieve perfect synchronized control of its 5,630,000 LEDs. To address the issue, Mitsubishi Electric developed an original screen controller technology that completely synchronizes the vast number of LEDs — a breakthrough which made it possible to realize the world's longest high-resolution screen.

Providing even bigger visual entertainment

By connecting several screens using synchronization technology, in theory, a screen of almost any size can be created. Already we have realized screens that display the entire backdrop for large theatres, as well as ribbon-board screens that surround the circumference of sports stadiums. In the future, even larger screens will make it possible to experience a whole new kind of entertainment. The size of large-scale visual equipment is limited only by the scale of people's dreams.

Mitsubishi Electric has also installed the world's largest² full-color LED screen at Turner Field, home of Major League baseball's Atlanta Braves, in the United States.

  1. 1: As of August 2004. Mitsubishi Electric survey; greatest horizontal length of video screen.
  2. 2: As of March 2005. Mitsubishi Electric survey; largest outdoor digital high-definition screen.

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