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Mitsubishi Electric's e&eco-F@ctory solution


Mitsubishi Electric's Fukuyama Works in western Japan is where we manufacture energy-saving products. The plant has been thoroughly optimized with our “e&eco-F@ctory” solution, which includes an EcoWebServer III that controls the use of energy. The EcoWebServer III measures electricity use against production volume and, employing our original analysis and display software, quantifies the results in an easy-to-read electricity-to-production ratio. In this way it makes energy instantly “visible,” drawing attention to any areas of waste. Through saving energy, it can boost production efficiency.

You wouldn't believe the things we do.

Energy-saving support technology that helps visualize where energy is being wasted.

Taking action toward energy conservation

Energy conservation is a crucial part of the fight against global warming and other environmental issues, and a matter of increasing importance. But for many companies that are already carrying out energy-saving initiatives, boosting energy efficiency even more is a difficult challenge. That's why Mitsubishi Electric's Fukuyama Works developed a new energy efficiency platform called EcoWebServer III, which measures and controls the use of energy. Energy-saving initiatives implemented at the Fukuyama Works based on data provided by the Eco-Server have had a significant effect, reducing CO2 emissions by about 11%*. In monetary terms that is equivalent to nearly 100 million yen in savings.

  • *Actual total CO2 emissions for fiscal 2005 compared to fiscal 1997.
Hiroshima Pref. Fukuyama CityFukuyama Works
“Visualizing” energy use and production volume

Moving from visualizing energy to visualized control

In order to save energy, it is necessary to accurately measure and control energy consumption. Mitsubishi Electric developed the EcoWebServer III for this reason. It measures the amount of electricity used by each piece of equipment in a factory, and links the data to production volume, making it possible to see the specific consumption (the amount of energy needed to manufacture a single unit of production). It can also be linked with Mitsubishi Electric's unique analysis and display software to provide visualized control, helping facilitate implementation of a variety of energy-saving initiatives, and helping to boost productivity.

Total plant optimization through integration with e&eco-F@ctory

Designed to streamline a plant's overall operation, e&eco-F@ctory is a factory automation solution that helps to ensure effective production management. It makes production line operations visible in real time and links that data with top-level enterprise systems used for plant management and business administration. By integrating EcoWebServer III energy-saving initiatives into the e&eco-F@ctory system, Mitsubishi Electric, a diversified FA equipment manufacturer, is developing next-generation energy conservation solutions for even more efficient business planning.

Doing our part for the planet through technology and action

Mitsubishi Electric has established a long-term environmental management vision called “Environmental Vision 2021” in which we strive to make contributions to the Earth and Its people through technology and action. Aiming to become a global, leading green company, we have already initiated a variety of activities based on this Vision, such as reducing CO2 emissions through promoting energy efficiency, with a focus on bringing about a sustainable society.

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